Okay, so have you noticed how, in our posts, we use the pronouns ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘ours’, and etc.?

‘Oh my God, she has MPD!’ 



or something came up in your mind, right?

If you did: Lo and behold, WE don’t and are not one of those. Ha-ha, no. To put it out, there are actually five people manning this blog. Five close friends, if we do say so ourselves. We love, or for someone *cough* Kate *cough*, like to read from a wide range of book genres: from biography to sci-fi, fantasy to mystery, suspense to humor, adventure to literary fiction—you name it. But of course, the one we love the most is teen fiction—hence, this blog was made!

Want to get to know us better? Just open each of our individual pages. See those names next to Home? Yep, that’s it.  Just click one and you’ll find words flooding right out of your screen. Oh, and pictures, too!



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