Is Too Much Reading Bad For You?

Is it? Do you agree? Well to some people, mostly strict parents, it is. They claim that this frenetic hobby may ruin your goals in life, especially when you’re a student. And there is also a concern on the bad things that might happen to you physically by spending too much time reading like developing a bad eyesight. Believe me, that’s true. And I’m a living proof.  So yeah, as much as we hate to admit it, our parents are partially right. The issue is if you read too much. But what if you just regulate your reading? That could work, right? It is hard for us, die-hard readers, to let go of this hobby. I bashfully admit that i feel that the real world is out there in the pages of those fiction books and not here. Don’t blame me, I’m just that addicted. And before you even criticize my opinions, I suggest that you read a book to see for yourself.

My only advice to other addicted readers such as myself, is to learn when and where to read a book. Don’t be too engrossed in reading that you might forget to do your homework or do your chores. No. Learn to manage your priorities. But if you’re just too stubborn, well go ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ☺

Martha Isabel Cabañero-TheLastSiren


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