Are you a teen fiction fan? Then visit Wattpad! Enjoy unlimited stories and discover stories created by regular people. Even you, yourself, can publish your own story! You could even become a fan of others and vice versa. You would be able to share your talent to others and be acknowledged.  We don’t know, this could be your ticket to success.

Wattpad even has an app. Even without internet connection or wifi, you could easily open and read stories.

Other categories/genres featured on Wattpad include:

Romance                                                            Science Fiction

Fantasy                                                               Mystery

Humor                                                                 Paranormal

Horror                                                                  Adventure

Thriller                                                                 Historical Fiction

Teen Fiction                                                          Fan Fiction

Poetry                                                                 Short Story

Non-Teen Fiction                                                   Action

Vampire                                                                Werewolf

Spiritual                                                                Non-Fiction

Classics                                                                  Other

Easy to use! A lot of offers! Fit for all!  So what are you waiting for? Visit Wattpad now!

Lailah Kaye Ornopia – ChapterONE (Wattpad account: UnwrittenNovel)


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