An Act of Courage: “In The Slightest Probability”

Heyyo. I’m here to tell you about my first story published online (in this case, thru Wattpad) entitled IN THE SLIGHTEST PROBABILITY. My good friend, artsandtheories, inspired me to write this online. Meanwhile, I dedicated this story to my other good friend, My Own Universe, who pursued her life in New Zealand (imy!). Anyways, here it is. And feel free to read the rest of the story in my Wattpad account: CurrentlyMe. I’ll be waiting! 🙂


She was invincible in her old life. But after having Casey off the picture, Carrie will do everything to be the opposite of who she was. But more loss comes in her way, and soon enough she’s lost more than she’d expect. Will love change her back? Meet Carrie Stamford: a 17-year-old gal who used to be the silent type. But after a tragic family loss, she changed and found refuge in the more bad paths in life. Enter Brett Livington: a hot jock who won’t get the best of Carrie, but also the least. And who knows? Maybe in the slightest probability, love will be the answer.



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