(NoteRemember that everything, and I mean everything, that I write here are all based on my opinions. If you don’t like it, I respect your opinion. If you do get me, remind me to chat with you, will ya? XD )

Bonjour! I am DivergentDemigodHunter. A bit too long, isn’t it? No worries! That was only a joke.

Just call me artandtheories. Or silentscream.

Okay, about me. Basically, I’m just a shy girl who you’d  probably see as someone who just sits in one corner, reading a book; never bothering to participate in class discussions. Anti-social? No. Most certainly not. I do have friends and I talk a lot, albeit not that audible. It’s funny because my acquaintances (I think) kind of see me as a snob. Am I really that intimidating to look at? A shy snob. Am I still making sense? I hope so. Back to the topic; a snob, when in fact, I get super nervous whenever I speak in front of numerous people. Even when I sing for my friends and parents! The moment they walk inside the room with me singing, I automatically shut up. Still intimidating? I don’t think so.

One thing you have to know about me, though, is that when I’m too engrossed with talking about something, I often get carried away. I lose my filter for words and my thoughts just keep on pouring out of my mouth. And then when all of it breaks lose, I get lost and get far away from the principal topic. Take this as a reminder, will you? It’s better to stop reading now than to regret finishing it, later. (Ha! I sound just like Lemony Snicket!)


Obviously, I have a penchant for books. In a way, books are

My escape.

My escape from reality. From the world, and everything that’s in it. It’s like, when I read, I just get lost in this world that’s so peaceful and quite imaginative. You can call it my utopia, perhaps.

Would you actually believe me if I’d tell you that I used to and still do read history and info books? Ha, of course, you won’t. But in fact, I do. Especially those books about wars. To tell you the truth, I’ve never shown that much interest in young adult / teen fiction until that fateful day when he-who-shall-not-be-named let me borrow his Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

It wasn’t the first novel (Cross by James Patterson was my first one ever) I’ve ever read, but I really loved it and I read the whole series, as well as The Heroes of Olympus. That’s when I started craving for more teen fiction.

Gone were the days when I rummaged book stores for history books. I still read them, don’t get me wrong, but teen fiction has shown and offered me something more than just memorizing dates of wars, facts about nations, biographies of leaders, and stuff. It opened a door for me—for the discovery of myself, and for that, I’m forever grateful.


Writing. Aside from books, I also love to write. Essays, poems, short stories, novels, and journals. The one I that relish the most is writing journal entries. Who wouldn’t? I mean, you could basically write everything you feel and think in there—well, just be careful on who you share them with. I am a candid person. You can right away put me in Candor faction, if you want. All joking aside, journals can seriously be my friend when everybody else can’t. But there’s God, of course.

I actually have accounts on Wattpad and Fictionpress, but don’t expect too much, though. I don’t have stories up now. But I did, once. I tried uploading up to 2 chapters, but deleted it even before my friends knew about it. It’s not that I didn’t receive good reviews—which, believe me, I did. In fact, all of them were positive. But maybe it was because I didn’t feel confident enough with myself and my ability. Again. I’m not too keen with throwing myself and what I can do out in the open—for people to see and know. I’m a coward. I keep on depriving myself from all of those chances, when all I needed to do was keep pushing on. And I know that. But maybe knowing just ain’t good enough.

Melodramatic-much? *sighs*

(UPDATE: I already have stories on Wattpad – “You Found Me”, “Trying Not To Love You”, and “Where Our Story Ends”, and a poem compilation entitled “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”. Check ’em out! >.<)

I know I’m not that credible to do this—hell, you barely even know me—, but if I were to give you a tip or an advice with regards to writing, I’d say: “Write with your heart. Don’t force it out.” When it comes to you, it comes. You can’t just sulk all day, trying to come up with something awesome. You need to get out and experience things, too—just to recharge your writer batteries. Writing is not a race but an art. Just like in painting, the more you put your heart out to it, the better results you’ll get. This is an example of putting my heart out. Not that this is a great page or anything. It’s just…um. Oh, um, it’s just filled with rubbish, I guess. Okay, I’ll just shut up now.


Music. Music plays an important role in my life. And perhaps in every other teenager’s. My ultimate favorite artist is Taylor Swift. She’s this person who practically reads every teenage girl’s mind and writes songs about their experiences. So basically, when you listen to her song, it’s just like reading a book. Because there is a story behind every song she writes. The Best Day is the one she wrote about her mom, and it’s my favorite, too.

And then there’s One Direction.

As far as boy bands are concerned, they are my favorite. Of course there’s Backstreet Boys and Westlife, but One Direction has this edge that those two don’t. I really don’t know to put those out into words. I just know.

Other artists that I enjoy listening to are Nickelback, Coldplay, The Fray, Rob Thomas (also Matchbox 20), Boys Like Girls, and Bee Gees. I also listen to some of Linkin Park’s, and the Jonas Brothers’. If you’ve noticed, most of ’em are rock-based. I actually enjoy their music, and also country music. As for pop, well, it’s fun. But fun isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. I’m looking for depth—its message and meaning. I’m not saying that LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It has no meaning. In fact, it does. Very obvious, actually. But its depth? Sorry, hun. Just too shallow. But just remember that I’m not talking about every single pop artist. I guess, for me, pop is just too mainstream. And yes, I know, Swift and One Direction also are in the same genre. But their songs convey messages. And it sounds good, too!


Football. And not American football. Yes, I’m talking about association football. Soccer. You know, the one wherein you kick a ball with your feet. Seriously, I just don’t see the logic in calling ‘American football’, football. If you do, you better PM me about it. Save my poorly-informed and slow brain. Anyway, I love Thomas Müller and the rest of the German national team. Azkals, too. Just not my favorite. It’s just my Filipino pride.


Well, that’s just it. For now. I’ll be coming in from time to time, posting reviews and photos. I hope you enjoyed reading this absurdly long page (1,302 words!)—if you made it this far, though. I bet it was pretty boring reading all my rants about random things, right? Lucky for you, you’ve just reached the finish line, my friend. ‘Til next time!


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