An Act of Courage: “In The Slightest Probability”

Heyyo. I’m here to tell you about my first story published online (in this case, thru Wattpad) entitled IN THE SLIGHTEST PROBABILITY. My good friend, artsandtheories, inspired me to write this online. Meanwhile, I dedicated this story to my other good friend, My Own Universe, who pursued her life in New Zealand (imy!). Anyways, here it is. And feel free to read the rest of the story in my Wattpad account: CurrentlyMe. I’ll be waiting! ūüôā


She was invincible in her old life. But after having Casey off the picture, Carrie will do everything to be the opposite of who she was. But more loss comes in her way, and soon enough she’s lost more than she’d expect. Will love change her back? Meet Carrie Stamford: a 17-year-old gal who used to be the silent type. But after a tragic family loss, she changed and found refuge in the more bad paths in life. Enter Brett Livington: a hot jock who won’t get the best of Carrie, but also the least. And who knows? Maybe in the slightest probability, love will be the answer.




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Lailah Kaye Ornopia – ChapterONE (Wattpad account: UnwrittenNovel)

Is Too Much Reading Bad For You?

Is it? Do you agree? Well to some people, mostly strict parents, it is. They claim that this frenetic hobby may ruin your goals in life, especially when you’re a student. And there is also a concern on the bad things that might happen to you physically by spending too much time reading like developing a bad eyesight. Believe me, that’s true. And I’m a living proof.¬† So yeah, as much as we hate to admit it, our parents are partially right. The issue is if you read too much. But what if you just regulate your reading? That could work, right? It is hard for us, die-hard readers, to let go of this hobby. I bashfully admit that i feel that the real world is out there in the pages of those fiction books and not here. Don’t blame me, I’m just that addicted. And before you even criticize my opinions, I suggest that you read a book to see for yourself.

My only advice to other addicted readers such as myself, is to learn when and where to read a book. Don’t be too engrossed in reading that you might forget to do your homework or do your chores. No. Learn to manage your priorities. But if you’re just too stubborn, well go ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ‚ėļ

Martha Isabel Caba√Īero-TheLastSiren

Boys in Books

I positively, unequivocally, and absolutely agree.¬†Well, aren‚Äôt they? Don‚Äôt they? I mean, have¬†I¬†ever met someone as charismatic and egotistic (yeah, I know) as Jace Wayland in¬†The Mortal Instruments Series?¬†No. How about someone as respectful as Tobias ‚ÄúFour‚ÄĚ Eaton in¬†The¬†Divergent¬†Trilogy?¬†Nope. Someone as mysterious as Patch Cipriano in¬†Hush,Hush Saga? Nada. Well, how about the three of them combined? No. Nada. Zilch.

And even if I did, they’re not teenagers.¬†*sighs*¬†I‚Äôm a sucker for fictional boys. Especially those teenage bad boys.¬†But let’s get down with reality. Just so you know, and to your credit, boys, the¬†abovementioned¬†fictional¬†boys are just works of fiction. A figment of every author’s imagination. So, seriously, does that¬†still¬†sound like competition?

I’m not trying to…negate the image of the male species. It’s just that, it’s what I think. My opinion. So, peace? ^-^

Okay. To the authors who made my heart melt and fall for those fictional characters, I salute you. I mean, seriously, who makes people fall in love with someone‚Äď-something-‚Äďwho is, sadly, nonexistent?¬†Can you see what I‚Äôm trying to say? If you do, tell me (or anyone in TFD).

Oh, and here’s a question: Who is your favorite fictional teenage boy, and why?




Okay, so have you noticed how, in our posts, we use the pronouns ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘ours’, and etc.?

‘Oh my God, she has MPD!’¬†



or something came up in your mind, right?

If you did: Lo and behold, WE don’t and are not one of those. Ha-ha, no. To put it out, there are actually five people manning this blog. Five close friends, if we do say so ourselves. We love, or for someone *cough* Kate *cough*, like¬†to read from a wide range of book genres: from biography to sci-fi, fantasy to mystery, suspense to¬†humor, adventure to literary fiction—you name it. But of course, the one we love the most is teen fiction—hence, this blog was made!

Want to get to know us better? Just open each of our individual pages. See those names next to¬†Home? Yep, that’s it. ¬†Just click one and you’ll find words flooding right out of your screen. Oh, and pictures, too!


The Disorder

Well, if you haven’t figured it out on your own yet, TFD stands for Teen Fiction Disorder. See, TFD is this kind of disorder that is generally associated with Teen Fiction. The symptoms include:

– sleeping late at night

– having a wild imagination

Рscreaming like a wild fan-girl 

– crying over sappy scenes

The cause of this, you might ask? Why, Teen Fiction, of course!

Tamara Dominique Solon – MyOwnUniverse

Welcome to Teen Fiction Disorder!

Hey there, fellow book-lover and welcome to¬†Teen Fiction Disorder! In here, we’ll post reviews, photos, quotes, and others, and all of it related to Young Adult / Teen Fiction. Well, we’ll also be talking about books in general, but we’ll give most of the spotlight to Teen Fiction. It’s not called Teen Fiction Disorder for nothing!

And together, we’ll spice up our teenage life with the help of Young Adult books, of course. *cue in: evil, sinister laugh*¬†¬†What can we say? We’re teenagers!

So go on and grab a YA book. Sit back and READ! And don’t forget to leave your realizations upon reading the book, too. Leave a comment, guys!

We’d love to hear from you ūüôā . -TFD Gang