Let me start with a simple hello. Hello! .

But before anything else,

(A/N: I would like to ask kindly a little consideration because I might be blabbering unknowingly too much about myself. But, I promise you I would do my best to hinder/impede myself from chattering too much. One request, please bear with me. Nonetheless, enjoy!)

So this is me, Lailah Kaye Ornopia (ChapterONE is just my page name), a girl who loves reading novels. Favorite genre? Romance! If there was an official ‘teen romance’ genre, that would be the one. I’m just like the usual kind of girl who squeaks and feels giddy when a, let’s just say, cute/adorable part is being read. Can’t blame me though, I am just a normal teenager. The genres that come after romance are, humor, fantasy, science fiction and young adult.

                       Based on what I’ve remembered, I started to constantly read novels was when my friends started to chitchat about this book, actually this book series-Percy Jackson and The Olympians. Because basically, as a teenager, I wanted to fit in with my friends, but I still have other reasons though like, I wanted to know what it’s like to finish a slightly thick book and follow a book series.(Revelation: Honestly, I haven’t finished reading a book that is as thick as one inch before the Percy Jackson and The Olympians due to some reasons.)So, I borrowed the first book to the last consecutively from my classmates. Realizations then filled my mind. While reading it, I felt like I’m in the story, imagining every scene, and relating it to my life. Reading it feels like I’m in a whole new world.

One question, what is in teen fiction that makes us want to crave for more? Is it because of its correlation to one’s experiences? Or those heartwarming and touching lines? Whatever it is, I don’t really care. All I know is that these teen fiction novels are like magnets that yank me back and never want to stop reading until the story has ended. It’s just that whenever I read teen fiction novels, I see myself in one of the character’s shoes, hoping for some events to occur in my life. It really does break my heart when the story ends even though it mostly has a happy ending. Do you even agree with me?

                      In addition to its pros, a lot of characters in teen fiction novels are a hundred percent to fall for. Just picture out a man or boy that’s as HOT+ROMANTIC+GORGEOUS+KIND as those in the novels. Easy to picture out, huh, but totally hard to find. No offense to boys, but I don’t think there’s one male alive that’s above mentioned all at once. Not even a lad in One Direction could be a nearly perfect epitome of Jace Herondale/Lightwood/Wayland from The Mortal Instruments even how gorgeous those lads are. You could object with my opinion, but this is what I’ve observed. One thing’s for sure, boys, you could always decide who you want to be and remember that you are always and forever will be a unique character that is perfect for one novel.

Remember that we are the ones who are writing our own story. Let our story be our most desired and never leave room for vast regrets.


                        Besides books, I am totally infatuated with music. Music is like a food for my soul, it keeps me alive. Too much? Fine! Music makes me smile with its lyrics and beat, at the same time, amuses me. It is also similar to books, it narrates a story, but in a different way. Taylor Swift is my favorite country singer and composer. Every song she has written, there’s always a story behind. She touches every girl and boys’ hearts with her songs and a lot could relate to her songs. On the other hand, there’s One Direction. I am literally head-over-heels with them! Why? From their angel-like voices to their adorable and real persona even on tape plus their stunningly attractive and god-like faces with those heart-melting gazes, I mean, who wouldn’t fall for them?

See? I’m just like any other girl.:)


I hope that was satisfying……

Thank you a lot for reading!

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