Hey, guys! I’m Marion Kate Rama a.k.a.  ‘Great Perhaps’. So you must be wondering, ‘Why use Great Perhaps?’ I really don’t know.

I really don’t know what François Rabelais was referring to when he said, “I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” All I know is that from one person to another, or just for anyone, it would mean a different thing.

As for me, I intend to keep what I think of it a secret. But what I do know and am willing to share with you is that Pudge went searching for it. But if you’re thinking that I’m using it as my pen name and not knowing its true meaning, all just for swag, you’re wrong. Well, to tell you the truth, I used it because it kick-started Looking For Alaska. You have to agree with me on this one. It was for that very reason why Pudge went to Culver Creek. Without it, he never would’ve met Alaska. Without it, there would’ve been no story.

But enough with this Great Perhaps thing, and here’s a list, guys. And it’s all about me—the real me—, a.k.a. ‘Great Perhaps’:
•I’ve read books but not a lot.
•I’m fastidious, really.
•I’m pretty much sociable with people, not with books.
•Also, I’m very different with my friends especially having this ‘teen fiction disorder’. I don’t have this!

Well, maybe a little 🙂

•Lastly, I don’t love books BUT, I also don’t hate them. But let me tell you this, I love books but I think, books just don’t love me yet. Yet! But you know what? Books are FRIENDS not drugs, unlike the other four girls, I’m not that into books. Sure, I do read books, but I don’t chat about it nonstop like they do—like drugs.

— I hope you finished reading this from top to bottom.

— Oh, and check out my review on Looking For Alaska.

— I’ll be coming back to post reviews, photos, so….

“To be continued?” –Alaska Young :*


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