The Disorder

Well, if you haven’t figured it out on your own yet, TFD stands for Teen Fiction Disorder. See, TFD is this kind of disorder that is generally associated with Teen Fiction. The symptoms include:

– sleeping late at night

– having a wild imagination

– screaming like a wild fan-girl 

– crying over sappy scenes

The cause of this, you might ask? Why, Teen Fiction, of course!

Tamara Dominique Solon – MyOwnUniverse


Welcome to Teen Fiction Disorder!

Hey there, fellow book-lover and welcome to Teen Fiction Disorder! In here, we’ll post reviews, photos, quotes, and others, and all of it related to Young Adult / Teen Fiction. Well, we’ll also be talking about books in general, but we’ll give most of the spotlight to Teen Fiction. It’s not called Teen Fiction Disorder for nothing!

And together, we’ll spice up our teenage life with the help of Young Adult books, of course. *cue in: evil, sinister laugh*  What can we say? We’re teenagers!

So go on and grab a YA book. Sit back and READ! And don’t forget to leave your realizations upon reading the book, too. Leave a comment, guys!

We’d love to hear from you 🙂 . -TFD Gang